The New Normal Essentials

The New Normal Essentials

Riso Machine. 1 unit Riso Machine was acquired through Free Use Scheme from Photo Pro Trading Davao last November 2020

Photocopiers and Printers. Additional 2 units of 3in1 Epson Printer, Scanner, Copier were acquired last July 2020

Internet, Modems. 5 units of GlobeAtHome Modems were purchased last August 2020 to serve as data backup for PLDT Fibr Unli Plan 6000

Laptops for NTCians. NTC allows students to borrow laptops in their distance learning. 50 units of Core i3 Toshiba Laptops were purchased last July 2020.

New Normal Receiving Area for Transactions at the Registrar, Cashier, Library and Guidance Offices. NTC’s former Canteen Area has been converted into client’s receiving area with enough space to observe physical distancing.

The New Normal Faculty Room. As we need more space in this new normal, the La Taza Function Hall is set-up for the
meantime as Faculty Room

Office Chair for Teachers and Staff. In this new normal, teachers and staff were expected to sit all day in front of computers, thus, they were provided with comfortable office chairs.

New Normal Classroom. Teachers still enter each classroom to provide distance learning to students. All classrooms
were provided with computer with internet connection, webcam, speaker and microphone.

Ensuring CoViD-19 Preventive Protocols were observed at all times. NTC provided an android phone for QR Code scanning to be used for contact tracing, automatic temperature scanning and non-contact alcohol dispensing.

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