NTC is an institution of higher learning which serves as the powerhouse of
specialized, skillful, internationally competitive and highly moral individuals
who will contribute to the Filipino aspirations for excellence in academic and
technical education and training.


As an educational institution, NTC seeks to mold and develop the skills of its
students making them wholly desirable persons. It is established to promote
and enhance the educational system of our country leading its students to the
path of becoming well-rounded individuals. It stands to foster an atmosphere
of patrimony among its students who are committed to take their share of
responsibility in nation-building.


NTC graduates will become:
• equipped with specialized skills and become internationally
competent workers;
• well-balanced individuals efficient in customer and management
relations, consistently producing high quality products and services,
and updated with technological knowledge and skills;
• honed with personal, social and work-related values;
• well adaptive towards various working environment; and
• effective agents for nation-building.